Dynamic development of electronic systems with a high level of technological innovation.

Engineering Services

Our experts’ many years of experience in the field of power electronics has made us the ideal partner for manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as for companies in the industrial sector who need customised high-tech electronic systems. We focus on designing compact, energy-efficient systems using the latest component technologies. We offer solutions at the highest technical level, encompassing the entire development system in the areas of hardware, software and mechanics, especially in the field of e-mobility and the development of inverters and DC/DC converters.


We have mastered the entire product development and production process chain. What we do is: manage requirements; create architectural concepts (systems, hardware, software, mechanics); implement the design; do testing; integrate, plan and realise, prototype as well as produce in small scale and in series.
Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art measurement technology and enables us to comprehensively test power electronic systems.


As a member of the European Centre of Power Electronics (ECPE) we are in contact with leading European companies in the field of power electronics and are therefore always up to date about the latest technological developments.

Testing Services

In our in-house power cycling laboratory, we perform power cycling tests on behalf of our customers in accordance with AQG 324 . Power cycling tests are qualification tests for power electronics modules, some of the main components of electric mobility. Power cycling tests are used to determine the lifetime of power electronics modules. The lifetime model makes it possible to make an assessment of the lifetime of power electronic modules for a specific application.


Since 2010, we have been developing test benches to perform power cycling tests on automotive power electronics components in accordance with the guidelines of ECPE AQG 324, which are used worldwide by renowned power electronic module manufacturers.


hyperchargers are characterised in particular by their reliability, compactness and advanced design and can currently supply up to 300kW. hyperchargers have now established themselves as the company’s flagship competitive product.