Power electronics is
what drives us.

Engineering is in our DNA.

A technology company

alpitronic has been involved in the development, production and worldwide distribution of fast charging stations for electric vehicles since 2017.

alpitronic is a specialist supplier that mainly develops power electronics for automotive manufacturers. The company has experienced exponential growth since 2017 through the development and marketing of the hypercharger, a HPC (high power charging) station for electric vehicles.

hyperchargers are characterized in particular by their reliability, compactness and advanced design and can currently supply up to 400kW. hyperchargers have now established themselves as the company’s flagship competitive product.

References and partners

Our customers and partners include leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers as well as internationally active industrial companies who rely on our experience and knowledge in the field of energy-efficient power electronics and test technology.


Our success is based on our willingness to innovate and be flexible, but also on the conviction that only high-quality solutions can provide the base for lasting cooperation.

alpitronic, a global leader in innovative electric vehicle charging solutions is excited to announce Charlotte, North Carolina, as the location for its new US headquarters. alpitronic’s  is committed to driving the future of sustainable mobility and advancing the electric vehicle charging infrastructure worldwide.

alpitronic Global HQ

The four founders

Andreas Oberrauch  Alessandro Ciceri        Sigrid Zanon     Philipp Senoner

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Team spirit is our top priority for achieving our goals.

We work in a future-oriented and highly motivated manner and achieve our projects as a team. It is important to us that employees can contribute their skills in the right place and that their potential is recognised.

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